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Evidenceof early Indian habitation at the site where Seaford now stands was

discovered May 1, 1921, by worknen building a new bungalow for S. M. Conaway

family on Arch Street between High and Kings streets.

A human skull, believed to be that of a Nanticoke Indian, perhaps 200 years old , was
found .

Few weeks ago, below Seaford on the Nanticoke River, a logcanoe hewn from a large
loog , was found off Wrights Wharf.

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1769 – 1775

Rooseevelt Inlet shipwreck archeologist have given a centries old
shipwreck a tentative name. Project leaders, Daniel Griffin and Charles
Fithian have told the Severn is the most likely candidate. The Severn
was one of the 80 foot lone three mast ships bound for Phildelphia from
Bristol, England in 1774. The wreckage was found in Novemeber 2004 when a beach replenishment project dredged up artifacts picked up by Lewes beachcombers.
The Severn was piloted by Captain Hathorn who knew the Delaware
waters well an was duly reported wrecked in Delaware Bay 1774 on it's
way to Philidelphia from Brostol.

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Otis Smith, the nine term Mayor of Lewes, Sussex County,

Delaware, the owner Fish Products Company at Lewes, is also the

Honorary Vice President of the South Street Juvenile Bonfire Society,

of Lewes, Sussex County, England, which sits 8 miles inland from

the English Channel resort of Brighton.

Three years ago Mr. Smith on a visit to attend a 700th anniversary

celebration of the “Battle of Lewes” , when the English King, Henry III,

was defeated by Simon de Monfort's rebel cavalry on the 24th of May,

1264, became acquainted with the “Bonfire Societies”, famous all over
England for the “Guy Fawkes Day”, 5th of November, 1605, celebratons

to remember the attack with a ton of explosive on the House of Lords.

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Thursday, October 12, 1967

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Early on Hurricane Florence looked a lot like she might make
it to the Delmarva beaches but forcasters anticipations fluttered out while she was still three days out. We have had some mighty close brushes with hurricanes but landfall is uncommon on this part of the east coast.
University of Delaware's College of Earth, Ocean and Environment,
has explained this has to due to the warmer water of the Gulf Stream
out of the Gulf of Mexico and as it approaches the cape of Hatteras area
veers off to follow the continental shelf going northwest . The storms will
folow that warm water.
What we get are the nor'easters , every year, maybe up to twelve
which are as damaging as hurricanes. These are the words of Arthur
Trembanis, a proffessor at UDEOE .
September 2003, Isabel, category 2, hit on North Carolina's Drum
Inlet, funneled winds and waves up the Chesapeake, also Floyd, another
category 2, reduced to a tropical storm, in 1999, brushed the Delmarva
and Jersey coast after landfall on Cape Fear.
In the northern hemisphere a storm carries the bad winds, waves
and great storm surge in its right hand quadrant. The hurricans bring along
lots of moisture that causes devistation even where the winds don't hit.
Camille in 1969, made landfalll on Mississippi coasts, killing 256
residents, many of the deaths of flooding in Virginia. 31 inches of rain
reported in Virginia.
The 2012 Sandy made landfall at Brigantine, New Jersey, but also
caused Cristfield, Maryland first responders proplems with high water

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Coast Press, a Salisbury Daily Times article by Rose Velazquez,
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The Bhut Jolokia, aka ghost pepper, ghost chili, red naga,
naga jolokia, and ghost jolokia is a hybrid chili pepper grown in
the northeast Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland
and Manipur and is a hybrid of Capsicum chinense and Capsicum
frutescens, a close relative of the Bangladesh Naga Morich.

It is certified as the worlds hotest chile pepper, 400 times hotter
than Tabasco sauce.

This pepper has different names in different regions, as climate has
considerable effect on the heat. The Bhut Jolokia produces capsaicin
in vesicles found in the placenta around the seeds and throughout the
the fruit.

Ripe peppers are 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 inches long and 1 or 2 inches
wide and can be red, yellow, orange or chocolate color, and has a very thin
skin. It is a food and a spice, used with pork and dried fish.

In India it is smeared on fences and keeps wild elephants at bay.

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Pumpernickel is a heavy duty, slightly sweet, rye bread made
with sourdough and coarse ground rye, often made with rye flour and
whole rye berries. It has been known as 'peasants' bread but during the
1920's became popular as a delicatessen product.

Pumpernickel is a Bavarian term for “hard”, and could refer to
grinding the grain into flour, or, the finished bread . As the name
gets thrown around in German, it becomes “ devil's fart”.

Some say Napoleon named it, being too hard for him to eat, fed
it to his horse, Nicole.

German pumpernickel contains no coloring agents relying on the
process reaction to produce it's deep brown color, sweet, dark chocolate
coffee flavor.
In America, today, bakeries use molasses, coffee and cocoa to
make the brown color.

In Germany it is paired with caviar, on the hors d''oeuvres tray.

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Blue Skin People

The research of topics of discussion of the 8 am coffee group
meeting at the Wescoats Corners & Five Points Arbys.
The subject is a condition caused by elevated levels of
methemoglobin in ones blood, which is, hemoglobin that contains a
ferric iron., causing the relationship of oxygen to iron to be impaired,
causing an increase
of oxygen in the 'heof oxygen in the 'heme sites” that are in a “ferrois”
state within the same tetrameric hemogoblin unit. Now, this leads to a
reduced ability of red blood cells to release oxygen to the humans
tissues causing 'tissue hypoxia' to occur.

This will cause a shortness of breath, cyanosis, mental status,
headache, fatigue, dizziness and loss of hair.

Cyanosis is the bluish or purplish discoloration of the skin from a
low oxygen count in the blood system.
Cyanosis derives from Greek “Cyanos”, aka “kuavoc” , the word
for blue.

Due to a deficiency of enzyme diaphorase I, blood instead of red
is brown resulting in caucasian patients skin gaining a bluish hue.

Hemoglobin in the blood carries oxygen from your lungs to the
rest of body tissues. You really need that.

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