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Saturday, August 26, 1933, the Atlantic seaboard began picking itself up
yesterday from one of the most disastrous storms in recent years. The death to now
stands at 49 but from northern New York to North Carolina , floods, threaten to add to
the total. Property damage stands in the millions.

120 New York boys and girls at camp along the Neversink River which flooded and
marooned them in their dinning hall has receded, so they are safe.

The southwest section of Philadelphia, a ten square mile area was flooded and
hundreds had to flee their homes. The Philadelphia airport was under water and twenty
planes were landlocked.

Virginia coast resorts were worst hit. Virginia Beach and Ocean City were virtually
wrecked but the work of rehabilitation began rapidly.

Shortly after the storm all means of leaving the shore area was cut off, telephone
and electric service was out and only the Coast Guard wireless was available to send and
receive messages.

Bethany Beach resort was with out drinking water Wednesday and Thursday. Late
Thursday water was brought in by the barrel from Ocean View. There were no sickness'
reported. Ringlers Pier at Bethany's boardwalk was received $2000 in damage. The dance
floor was flooded and furniture, the sods fountain, was tossed about the pier.

With Labor Day on the way, Bethany citizens and other coastal beaches are doing
a general clean up and carpenters, brick masons, painters, and 20 mule teams have rushed into the work. One of the main questions was “who will pay for this” has been sidestepped.

Abstract: Wilmington News Journal and other, August 1933 by Harrison H 06/17/18

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THE 1933 NRA


This article is about the 1929 depression and the governments efforts to
stabilize the economy of America, which included Lewes. It may be a bit 'deep' but is
worth knowing that the 'fathers' of Lewes made their effort to help the local economy.

On Tuesday evening, August 22, 1933, Lewes merchants and business leaders met
at the Lewes Fire Hall, to discuss organizing the Lewes NRA Industrial Section of the
Delaware NRA Committee. The speaker was Gerrish Gassaway, member of Delaware
NRS Committee and the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce.
(Please note that in 1933 the 'Chamber of Commerce' and their speakers carried much more
weight than it appears so today).

Many of Lewes merchants now display the NRA poster of the “Blue Eagle” at their
businessesin 1933 but this is a first attempt to form a organization for a blanket adoption
of the NRA code by 'all' employers of Lewes.

Source: Wilmington News Journal, Friday, August 18, 1933.
Harrrison H. abstract 06/16/18


1933 FIRE

The old iron pier, off Lewes Beach, built for $100,000 by the government
60 years ago has been damaged, perhaps destroyed, by two fires within a 24 hour period.

The first fire , Wednesday the 16th, near midnight, destroyed a boat house at the
waters edge on shore, had been extinguished by the Lewes Coast Guard and the Lewes
Volunteer fire companies. The cause was undetermined.

The second fire, late Thursday , smoke again arose and the entire pier, 1600 feet
long, has been destroyed or badly damaged. The same firemen again put out the flames.

This pier, one of five, is located nearest the mouth of the bay, and when built was
considered one of the best along the coast, sitting on iron pilings and a hard pine well laid

It had been used by government buoy tenders, a refuge in stormy weather, by the
Coast Guard and local fishermen . It recently was sold to the Lewes Sand Company

Abstract: Wilmington News Journal, Friday, August 18, 1933: By Harrison H. 06/16/18


1933 CCC

Lt. Henry Fisher, head of the Lewes mosquito control camp, began work yesterday at the Lewes site, laying out sewer and water lines of the camp which will house the
200 Delaware CCC workers who will work on the eradication of mosquito's in
this part of the state.

At the same time, Lt. R. A. Gaw, the head of Slaughter Beach mosquito camp
began work on the other camp to be set there.

The employment of all construction workers for both projects is through Lt.
Fisher at the Lewes Post Office.

Ralph Poynter and Mrs John McCabe ay Rehoboth are listing names of those who
are to fill the ranks at the Lewes Camp.

Shipment of building supplies from government reserve have been made and will
arrive mid week. Work is to be finished in three weeks.

Colonel Wilbur Sherman Corkran is the State Director of the Mosquito Control
Commission is located in Lewes. Post Office Headquarters.

Abstract: Wilmington Morning News, Wednesday, November 1, 1933.


A newly organized Lewes baseball club, Bill Clifton the manager, will open the the season, Tuesday, May 30, 1933, at Lewes with a doubleheader against the End's of Wilmington at 10 am.Harrison Howeth
The Lewes team consist of ; Herald Brittingham, captain, Bill Clifton, William Palmer, Perry Burton , Fillmore Clifton, Hucky Hudson, , Seaton Matnadier, Ralston Pettyjohn., Nicholas Carter, Howard Long, Al Kreuz, Roland...

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Hilda Louise “Tweeny” Norwood Grinnage, born 22 August 1925, in Lewes,
Sussex County, Delaware, death, 13 August 2014, age 88. Hilda is buried in the
Israel United Methodist Church Cemetery at Belltown.

Hilda was the youngest of four daughters of Clarence Page and Loretta Maull
Norwood and was born in the original homestead at 1822 Lewes – Georgetown Highway,
Belltown, Sussex county.

She was married to the late Paul Grinnage.

Her education began at Rabbit's Ferry School, then she went to Lewes School,
Delaware State High School and Delaware State College at Dover, where she graduated
with honors at each school. She later took additional studies at Delaware University in

At Delaware State she was a forward on the 1944- 1947 basketball team, and
became a co-captain in 1947. She also was inducted in the Del State Athletic Hall of Fame.

Hilda taught for 44 years, retiring from Shields in 1991. In 1991 she was voted
'Teacher of the Year” at Shields.

She was active in the Israel United Methodist Church, Rabbit's Ferry Center, the
Republican Party, and DSU Alumni .

Predeceased by two sisters , Agnes and Delores, survived by a sister Cora, six
nephews, a niece, the Maull family, Norwood's, and Grinnage families.

Ssource: Ancestry Find a Grave.

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Harrison Howeth
Belltown, Sussex, Delaware:
Belltown is an unincorporated community in Sussex County located along U. S. Route 9 , 5-1/2 miles west-northwest of
Rehoboth Beach. It was founded near 1840 by Jacob Bell,
a 'free colored man" . Belltown was the first successful effort to create a separate minority neighborhood. Belltown residents depend on neighboring towns and industries for their livelihood. Evidently, the "Norwood House" is either in or near by Belltown, owned by substantial landowners and family heirs how have owned their own land since the early 1800's.
The Norwood House is a historic home, built about 1850, two stories, three bay, single pile, frame house on a brick foundation. The house is sheathed in weatherboard with
cornerboards. and has a shingled gable roof. There is an earlier one story section on the north rear side. Allso on the
property is a unaltered 'privy', a survivor.
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