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Many people and officials attended the hearing yesterday by Colonel Earl Brown, the

U. S. Engineer of Wilmington District and Captain Harry Tunis , U. S. Engineer, to hear probable

commercial benefits and the extent of local co-operation it the reopening project of Sinepuxent Inlet

which will allow salt seawater to enter the bay , to revive the sea food business of the area.

Efforts are being made by Maryland's Legislature to reopen the inlet and appropriate funds to go

with U. S. Government funds which will pay 2/3 of the cost. .

Mayor McCabe of Ocean City was also present and told of the sea food industry's loss as result

of the inlet closing and the importance of restoring the fish, oysters, crabs and clams to the Sinepuxent

bay waters.

It appears there is considerable interest in the project and Col. Brown's survey is to be

completed by the first of the year, submitted to the War Department for final approval.

Source: Wilmington News Journal , Wilmington, Del., 17 December 1931.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

North Ocean City Annexed.



An agreement has been reached that will allow the unincorporated North Ocean City to be
annexed and lead to the construction of a sewer treatment system to serve the ever increasing area of
Ocean City.
A joint committee appointed by Mayor Hugh Cropper, Jr., of Ocean City and the president
of North Ocean City Improvement Association, Cliffor Shuey, reached the agreement at the Sunday meeting.

Many North Ocean City residents oppose annexation while Ocean City officials have said the
sewer treatment plant they have been ordered to build could serve only the area north , if it was annexed.

In addition to the annexation and the building of the sewer treatment plant, the committee
recommends to add two seats to the City Council and the member of the North Ocean City Association be added to the committee to draft a revised City Charter.

Abstract July 2017, Harrison H., from Washington Evening Star, Wednesday, August 5th 1964.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

1961 Ocean City Marlin Fshing Port.


Ocean City, Maryland has always been surprising to itself, like the old timer waterman who let his wife take in summer boarders was surprised to find pretty soon that she was running a fair sized hotel, and he wasn't the only one, there were considerable numbers up and down and behind the boardwalk

The 1933 'storm' woke Ocean City up to the realization that it had the makings for a port. The storm had washed a channel through the beach into Sinepuxent Bay and left the southward beach into what is now Assateague Island. Uncle Sam obligingly built a stone rib rap which made the channel permanent, so Ocean City became a fishing port.

The Townsend brothers, sons of the late John Gillis Townsend, the Delaware politician, saw the opportunity to being marlin fishing off Ocean city, instead of having to go all the way to Florida and the Yucatan off Cuba, had their captain of their fishing boat come up a show the Ocean City boat captains how to troll with skip bait with squid. The Ocean City boat captains had often seen the marlins dorsal fins break water over Jack spot, a reef about 25 mile out and were surprised anyone would want to fish for them since there was no market for them.

Ocean City became a sport fisherman's port now known as “The White Marlin Capital of the World”. And that surprised the people of Ocean City.

Now Ocean City is surprised that despite the short season, investors have been willing to put up millions of dollars for modern hotels and motels, restaurants, along the coastal beach. Salisbury , 30 miles west has the airport, 45 minutes to Washington or Baltimore or Philadelphia.

The beach is one of the finest on the Atlantic, true it's not Virginia Beach nor Atlantic City, but it does it's own thing. The heavy tanned life guards and the nymphs who congregate around the lifeguard stands, show there is plenty of sunshine. The high tide surf fishermen cast with never ending patience.

The marlin fishing grounds are three hours out. Menhaden trawlers haul in nets full of bunkers which go processing plants in Lewes to provide oil for almost everything. At the piers you see the marlin fleet come in, when the boat is flying a flag it means a marlin has been boated or tagged and released.

Abstract of Washington Evening Star, George Kennedy's Rambler, August 11, 1961.
July 2017 Harrison H.

Bethany Harbor Condomniums

William Phillip Short & Mary Lighthipe
Sea & Pines, Inc.
Sussex Shores Reality Company
Bethany Beach

Sea Pines, Inc., Phil Short and his sister, Mary Lighthipe, have filed suit in Sussex County Chancery Court, to halt the construction of Bethany Harbor Condominiums, a 166 unit development
south of Indian River Inlet, by East Coast Resort, Inc.

East Coast Resorts president Ernest C. Raskaushas is also developing a single family home community in Bethany Beach.

These three landowners contend development would change the character of beaches now occupied by single family summer homes. They contend that the building permits and conditional
use are invalid and part of the proposed development encroaches on their property. The legal action
also challenges the validity of a zoning amendment.

The proposed development scheduled for completion within 2 -1/2 years on 22.8 acres
will cost $2.6 million.

Abstract : Harrison H. July 2017, from Washington Evening Star, 10 March 1972 :

Tuesday, July 18, 2017



To the beaches, the ocean beaches, start early or late. Make the Chesapeake Bay bridge
before 9 am Saturday morning. You are going to go either to Rehoboth Beach or Ocean City, or maybe to a more lonely Dewey, Fenwick Island or Assateague Island.

The Bay Bridge route is well marked, and traveled. I do mean traveled, sometimes very slowly.

Rehoboth Beach, the prim old lady, a 100 yard wide beach of white sand. Plenty of hotels, some rather crusty, and numerous regulations on parking, what to wear on the boardwalk, the riding of bicycles and other matters. On the board walk are the short order restaurants and amusement booths. Bring your money and have a good time.

Just to the south is Dewey Beach, rough, loud, visit the VFW barbecue, again bring your money. South of Dewey thing can get wild, an narrow road, sand dunes on either side, marsh,
seven miles clear and wide. Yes there are side areas, parking lots, for the weekenders who shun the crowded boardwalk. Here you can park, clamber over the high sand dunes, sit, watch the sea crash in.

Bethany Beach, well kept, a motel in the center of town, with little of the resort glitter of Rehoboth. Their boardwalk is a half mile long and the beach well attended and clean.

Past Bethany drive into Assawoman Wildlife Area, birds among the marsh, then here is Fenwick Island and more development , new modern design houses, many set high on piling high
up to escape the storm high tides that come. In to Maryland, houses, motels, land for sale, everywhere, even a shopping center.

Ocean City is Maryland' s ocean tourist mecca, an endless town, Bobby Bakers, ocean
side Carousel Motel , always jammed. Exclusive seashore developments are endlessly touted by Real Estate Agents. The central attraction of the carnival atmosphere is the boardwalk, lined with shops and hotels, car jammed everywhere in the narrow street. A walk itself is nothing more than a museum of human wildlife.

Take a seat in one of the cool beer caverns that line the boardwalk and watch the crowd. You are sure to find something, every shape and size is here, outlandish outfits, Hippies, grandmothers,
beauties, staid old timers wander to and fro.

An utter change of scene is a drive , past the inlet, crowded with fishermen, across the
Sinepuxent Bay to Assateague , wild, free, unspoiled, lovely. It is a National Park with services,
parking lots, camping sites, bath houses, concessions, but no hotels. No boardwalk but bike trails.
Thirty two miles of sparkling beach , dunes, sea grass, surf for fishing, very satisfying. Heading back to Washington ? You are on your own and if you enjoy driving in traffic, you have got it.

Abatract July 18, 2017, Harrison H. from Washington Evening Star, 16 July 1967. Weekend Trips.



A Rehoboth Beach Easter sunrise service would bring hundreds of Sussex County folk and
weekend visitors to the Rehoboth Avenue beach front at 5:30 Easter Sunday, who gather in whatever shelter they can find, face the ocean, and watch the sun rise over the deep blue waters.

Then, the young trumpeters blast out the prelude, this year 1947, the Rehoboth Youth Center Glee Club sang a special Easter hymn under the direction of Jack Jeglum, the Youth Center director.

Most times recorded Easter music is broadcast over loudspeakers for at least a half and hour before the service starts, just to make sure everyone is wide awake.

The Rehoboth Beach sunrise service is sponsored by the Rehoboth Chamber of Commerce and marks the official opening of the summer season.

Many eastern Sussex churches co-operate and here are the names of those who were on the committee in 1947.

The Chamber of Commerce committee in charge were, Edward Hill, Margaret Broeders,
Mrs Virgil Hearn, and Mae Hall McCabe.

The youngsters with the trumpets were Jack Lynch, James Cooper, Sammy Howarth and Dave Truitt.

The Rev. Mr. Charles Jarvis, pastor of the Selbyville Methodist church delivered the sermon,
the Rev. David Baker of Rehoboth Methodist church read the Scripture and the Rev. William Drysdale
Gibson, of Westminster Presbyterian gave prayers.

Bea Lingo played accompaniment for hymn singing on a small organ on loan from Mrs. George Edwards, set up on the boardwalk beach front.

Source of abstract by Harrison H. 17 July 2017, Wilmington News Journal, Friday, April, 4,

Monday, July 17, 2017




The local Reboboth Beach Chamber of Commerce thinks “whisky beach' is too strong a name for the suddenly famous strip of sand just north of Rehoboth Beach proper . The beach has been in the national news recently because Lynda Bird Johnson and her fiance, Marine Captain Charles Robb make visits there on weekends, including her latest visit during the Labor Day weekend.

Mrs. Mae Hall McCabe, local real estate broker and president of the Rehoboth Beach Chamber
of Commerce, says Whisky Beach is one of the more beautiful areas of the Delaware beaches, and
should not be 'degraded' by the name that has been given it by many people, including, her ward,
local drummer boy, Bill McCabe.

The Delaware State Park Commission says the official name is “Gordon's Pond Beach” but Whisky Beach is what the public prefers to call it.

No matter what its called, the drinking is likely to continue and a ban on drinking has been rescinded on state owned parkland because its is realized it cannot be enforced.

Abstract from Washington Evening Star, of D. C., Wednesday, September 13, 1967, Harrison H , July 17, 2017.