Sunday, December 29, 2013

1926 Rehoboth High School Baseball Team

Rehoboth High School Baseball Team

About 1926

The first Rehoboth High School organized and uniformed baseball team came about in 1926 under coaches John Boyd and Richard Francis, both instructors at the school. The team, in their new uniforms, were photographed on the front steps of the Rehoboth Avenue high school building and printed in the Delaware Coast Press newspaper by it's editor, Roland Ingram.
Members of this team are; Norman Calhoun, Ridgely Ward, Coleman Green, Claude Hudson, William Hill, James Burton, Bob Palmer, Francis McSweeney, and Brman Melvin

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

1934 Lewes Christmas Lights

EARLY 1930'S

There was a custom to decorate Christmas Trees at home in early years with open flame candles which created a fire hazard and local fire departments gave warning and instructions , such as, don't light candles and leave them burn when not at the tree, keeps the tree away from other items that might burn, etc.
In the early 1930's the electric lights for Christmas trees became available and coastal Delaware towns sponsored contest, with prizes like toasters, waffle irons, heating pads and other household appliances, and homeowners decorated with colorful lights.
The January 5th 1934 Delaware Coast Press reported, “ Lewes homes, during Christmas week, where better decorated than last last year” and 150 homes were decorated with the colorful lights.
From there on, only WWII caused these towns to curtail Christmas outside lighting, due to 'blackout' regulations.
Delaware Diary, Michael Morgan, Delaware Coast Press, 5 January, 1934.