Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Description: Excitement at Lewestown, Delaware
Date: May 17 1853

Newspaper published in: Easton, Maryland

Source: newspaper collection

Lewestown, Delaware, May 17, 1853:

There was considerable excitement at Lewestown on the Delaware for several days last week due to the arrival in the harbor of a fleet of fifty some sail of fishermen from Maine and Cape Cod.
It appears that the crews, after landing, went on a lawless spree, robbed gardens, broke into business and private houses, insulted females and committed other acts of lawlessness.
The town citizens turned out and drove them off, but the following night a gang of almost 150 of them were seen returning, threatening to burn the town, but the citizens again turned out, fully armed, and met them at the Lewes Creek bridge, where a skirmish did ensue. The Fishermen were driven back with several broken heads. A cannon was procured among the citizens and was fired into them as they retreated. The pilot boats came to the aid of the towns citizens and together the pursued the fishermen until they returned to embark upon their vessel and set sail. It has been heard that this band has since been robbing residents up and down the coast.