Thursday, January 23, 2014


The morning just after the January 21st 2014 snow storm almost every one and everything was covered by drifts of snow. Thank the Lord the electricity did not fail here in the Lewes area and inside the home it was comfortable.  We did have one worry, how were we going to get the cars out of the snow bank built up behind them in case of an emergency or when we needed to use one to keep medical appointments. Several  calls for help did not solve the problem, however, at noon up drove a large grey  Ford pickup and out jumped Post 6984 Broadkiln VFW of Milton Adjutant , Hank Rickard's , a real Godsend, and shoveled both vehicles clear as well as the whole parking area so that this 84 year old Korean War vet and his handicapped wife had access to the world again. Thank you Hank and the VFW at Milton.   .