Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This is something a bit special. Yesterday I received a letter from Lee Myung-bak,the President of Republic of Korea. I am sure all KWVA member also received this message. But, it told me he and his country 'salute' the veterans of the Korean War and want to pay tribute for our protection of liberty and freedom of his coutry.
Usually , we vets of Korea receive, every year or so, a Medal, with a ribbon to add to our VFW and Legion Caps, which are already full of such. But to me, this time, this letter dug deeper, it said the Koreans had promised to build a prosperous county, to uphold peace and freedom. He says he is proud to say they have managed to do just that. That, those words, give me the 'feeling' that my two years of life, there in Korea, were not in vain. Thank you, Lee Myung-bak, for my renewed pride in America.

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