Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rehoboth High School 1948 Class Lunchon

Several of the 1948 Class of Rehoboth High School met at the Captains Table, Rehoboth, on Thursday, October 14th, to have lunch. The meal was a 'Your Choice' and 'You Pay' thing and appeared to have been well received. Classmate Virginia Savage Caras was the member to get the group together, basically because Shirley Thomas Graham was in town, visiting from Loxahatachee, Florida, for her annual junket to the Epworth Cemetery grave of her deceased husband, Lee Graham. Lee, who was one of the first owners of the old Robert Lee Restaurant on Rehoboth Avenue, with his brother Robert 'Honey Boy', Graham, Others from 'far away' were Thomas Thawley and his lady, from Annapolis and Jerry and Janet Vansant Rapkin, also of Annapolis, Janet being the class member, Bill and Silvia Richie of Rehoboth, Shirley, Ellie Tikiob Vansant, of Rehoboth, and other places which will have her, usually because she has a son or daughter there, Bill Barney and his wife Pati, of near Milton, Virginia Caras, of Georgetown, and myself and wife Yvonne. Eleanor Phillips Cordrey was unable to attend. I am more of a guest I suppose, since I did not graduate from Rehoboth High, but WAS one of the first grade members, along with Tom and Ellie. Another beginner, Jacqueline 'Jackie' Anderson Karlson, who was mentioned, but unable to attend, as she is having a hip replacement being done this week. A 'Get Well' card was signed by all, to be sent her by Tom. Also Nancy Mitchell McCabe of Arlington, who joined the class during WWII, now retired from the CIA, was remembered as was Edward 'Sprarkie' Thororoughgood, of near Angola. And, by the way, Tom Thawley got this name list together during the lunch. Much appreciated, Tom. Jerry Rapkin and Tom Thawley are both graduates of the Naval Academy, Jerry having made a career in the Navy and Tom, serving in the Arir Force. If everyone enjoyed the gathering as I did, it was a great success. We all look forward to these gatherings in the future and seek anyone who was at one time or another a class member of '48, to join with us, just put your name and address in the comment box below so we can get you the time and place of our next meeting.


  1. Very interesting and happy to hear you had such a nice time:) Oh.. and Happy Anniversary!

  2. Thank you Jill. I assume you are back in Delaware?
    Get ready to shovel some snow later on. How are you and sons doing these days.