Saturday, November 20, 2010

History of Seaford Continued

Public Buildings: The academy building became old and too small, also too far off for the new Seaford. Citizens interested in education, built a large and commodius school building in the new part of town. That one burned and was replaced with a more commodious one.
Transportation: The citizens of Seaford and the country around it became interested in better transportation to the distant cities. Business suffered, people lost time and money because of tedious travel conditions and farmers had to haul grain up to 20 miles to ship it, even by boat.
There had been , for a short time, a Norfolk Line steamer between that city and Seaford, thence from Seaford to New Castle and Wilmington by stage. About 1832 a path for a railroad was cut from the foot of of North Street in Seaford at the wharf , north across Pea Liquor farm and on up the peninsula but it lay unused until 1856.
After William Ross, later the states governor, moved near Seaford and began to develop the resources of his farm, he and other farmers following his systems of farming, became more interested in transportation systems. Ross is given credit for the building of the railroad with its terminal at Seaford, which was completed in December 1856. the service was but one train out and in each day for several years.

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