Thursday, April 19, 2012

Salting Down Coon & Possum in Broad Creek Neck of Talbot county Maryland

February 2, 1898 - The Baltimore Sun Paper
  Racoons and opossums have never been in the woods of Broad Creek Neck until this winter, that is as many as there are now.  Nobody can understand the reason of their appearance. The Broad Creek woodlands have many old white and red oaks, gum trees and pines full of hollows from the decay of old age.  Sometimes coons, possum and squirrel are found together in one hollow, living amicably. The country people of Broad Creek Neck  make great sport of these animals. Some, having more than they can use fresh, are 'salting them down' for coon bacon.
 The Broad Creek Neck is a peninsula ten miles long, Broad Creek on one side and Harris Creek on the other, both of which run into the Choptank. Here the invasion of the coons and possum are farm yard pest, plundering anything edible and sometomes they are found drowned in the slops barrels.

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