Saturday, February 2, 2013


Than boy from Montana, Mike Potter,  from Whitefish, Montana, on his big wheeled bike on a tour of the United States, by name Four Corners Tour, was at the Village of five Points Arenas Coffee shop Friday, the first of February, a cold day for here, in his shorts but with a wool watch cap. Somewhat appropriate I guess. See his blog a  He is a talker for sure and has an interesting story, both coming and going,, talks  my language, "plain talk, easy understood".   An Army veteran  where he became assigned a 'journalist', because he was one of his group that could write a complete sentence. Any way he is here in Lewes, right now helping  Abrakas with a internet web site for his art business.  Hudson's are allowing him to stay in the Spaceship, at Eagle Crest.  So far he has been across the top of the country to Portland, Maine, down the coast through New Jersey and  tool  Cape-May Lewes Ferry ans Lewes. 
I have not made much way on his family genealogy but think his grandfather was Harry Potter, born in Montana and grandmother was. Allena, born in Missouri. Both were living in Whitefish in the 1930 census. Anyway, Joe Hudson and I enjoyed his visit at Arenas Friday morning.  Check out Whitefish on google maps. It has a railroad museum and the Great Northern Brewery.                                                           You may say this article is from the Arenas Express Press, a short lived news journal, which may come in play in the future.

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