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4 Mast Coastal Schooner, Albert F. Paul, Baltimore, Sunk by German Sub.

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Contributed by Harrison

Description: S V Albert F. Paul Launched at Abbott's Ship Yard in Milford
Date: August 2 1917

Newspaper published in: Georgetown

Source: Roger Martin Collection

Page/Column: This Week in Delaware History 1917

Milford, Delaware August 2, 1917 :

The last four masted coastal schooner, the 195 foot Albert F. Paul, was launched today at the William Abbott shipyard in Milford

"The tonnage of this ship is 735 tons, owned by Albert Shipping Company with home port Baltimore. The 13th of March 1942 as she was on return to home port with a cargo of salt from Turks Island, Antilles, the German U-332 observed the unescorted and unarmed vessel, with Master William Mack Martino at helm, 160 miles north-northeast of Cape Hatteras and sunk her with a second torpedo causing her to sink in six minutes with lost of all 8 crew members. Those eight men were OS James Clarence Bagley, Arno Wooster Brown, Cook, AS John Alexander Carlson, AS John Chistophersen, AS Gidion Lindquist, Master William Mack Martino, Bosun Douglas William Peek and AS Hugo Tokko."


  1. Huh?

    "AS Hugo Tokko." [?]

    Never expected to see a name like this back then.

    Was he knitting a hat when my Mom boarded her down in Georgia?