Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Revolution This Week

Sussex Countian new edit
Contributed by Harrison

Description: George Washington & The Revolution This Week -
September 3 - 10
Newspaper published in: Georgetown

Source: Roger Martin Collection

Page/Column: This Week in Delaware History

The Revolution News for Week of September 3 - 10 :

3 September 1774
George Washington, on his way from Mount Vernon to attend the first Continental Congress in Philadelphia, dined at Carson's Buck Tavern at Summit and stayed overnight in New Castle, then crossed the 4th Street Ferry in Wilmington.

3 September 1777 :
British General Howe and his Army debarked ships from the Chesapeake and marched north toward Elkton, Maryland. Meanwhile Hessian General Willhelm von Knyphausen met up with Howe and Cornwallis at Aiken's Tavern, halting a move on Newark.

5 September 1774
Caeser Rodney, Thomas McKean and George Reed represented Delaware in Philadelphia at the First Continental Congress. Although John Dickerson maintained residence in Kent County, he was a delegate from Pennsylvania

8 September 1777
At 7 am British troops passed through Newark on their way to defeat George Washington's ytoops in the 'Battle of Brandywine'.

9 September 1777
General George Washington left Stanton and marched his American Army to Chadds Ford Pennsylvania hoping to cut off the British from entering Philadelphia.

9 September 1780
General George Washington praised Dr. James Tilton of Delaware and thanked him for his hospital work and efforts to alleviate typhus in the American Army.

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