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Blackwater National Wildlife Center , a vast area, 11,000 acres or so, of marsh and pine tree forest is located in southwestern Dorchester county's Hoopers Island District. It was established in 1938 . In the late 1970's it had the largest nestling’s of bald eagles in eastern North America, north of Florida, the largest number Delmarva Fox Squirrel, was a major stop for Canadian Geese along the Atlantic Flyway, a large muskrat trapping area, and the only known nesting area of the red headed woodpecker in Maryland.

Blackwater appears a lot like the Florida Everglades and it has been referred to as the Northern Everglades by some people.

The Blackwater River is the main river flowing through the marshes. Fed from three swamps, Gum Swamp, Kentuck Swamp and Moneystump Swamp. It is said the dark water of the river is because of the swampy source.
Other water sources are the Little Blackwater River, Meeking Creek and Transquaking Rivers, all mostly fresh water. They empty into Fishing Bay.
There is concern that salt water from Chesapeake Bay will eventually be a problem as it seeps through the Blackwater.

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