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From sussex Delaware to the sagebrush desert of Idaho

Would You Migrate From Sussex County Delaware to 1872 Boise, Idaho's Sage Brush Desert Country?

In the spring of 1872, a Mr. Cramer of Drawbridge, Sussex County, Delaware, wrote the Idaho Statesman newspaper of Boise, Idaho, with the question “ what can a man do in Idaho, who is willing to work and has a good knowledge of his trade”. Evidently Creamer and several of his neighbors were contemplating a move.
With the answer he received he learned that carpenters and joiners were paid $5 a day in the city, and other mechanical labor was much the same. There was a need for blacksmiths and there was no difficulty in any one making himself useful in this country. Farming and the raising of meat stock , mining, are the principal occupations. Room and board is $10 a week.
The news told that the winters were mild, last winter the temperature did not reach more than 10 degree above zero, the average was about 35 above. The water is good.
There are daily stages which meet the railroad in two to three days as do they cross the Columbia River to the west. Idaho City is north 35 miles and Silver City is 60 miles south.
Grain cost 2-1/2 cents a pound, potatoes 2 cents a pound, butter 50 cents, egg also, beef is 6 to 8 cents per pound.
To reach here from the Atlantic States you take the railroad from Omaha to the top of Utah Territory, then the stage some 240 miles to this city along a route of sage brush desert with few stage stations but upon reaching this valley you will find inviting , well improved and very productive country.
Source: The Idaho Statesman, Boise, Idaho, 7 March 1872.

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