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Lewestown on Delaware:

Thomas Cary, arrived America from England and was wealthy and educated.  He had two brothers,  Edward and John, his parents and other siblings who lived in Somerset County Maryland and owned land south of the Crouch and Gardey families land.  John Cary was a young and wildman, often in trouble and early court records show he was charged with public intoxication, cursing in public,  and twice with lewd behavior with another man wife.  He was accused of running away with the wife of one James Ingram. Needless to say,  John Cary was a bounder and no doubt a source of expense and worry to his parents.  It is thought the behavior of John was one of the reasons that he, Edward and Thomas left Somerset and relocated in Sussex county, Lewes-Rehoboth Hundred,  Delaware, where the family owned land in addition to land on Assateague Island.  Once they were settled in Lewestown they became prosperous  purchasing and selling land.  John Cary became a jurist on the Sussex County Court, which was held in Lewes.  Qualifications for this post were that one needed to be a male, literate and a land owner. John met those very well.
It is known that both the Cary family and the Taylor family lived in Lewes after 1694. Now for several assumption, corroborated by land and court records.  At appears that around 1699 Rose Taylor had two children she claims were fathered by her sisters brother in law, John Cary.  A court record confirms that "two bastard children" were born to Rose Taylor , and said to be Peter and Moses, sons of John Cary.  
Source Ancestry Memoirs :   Rose  Rosamund Rozanna CrouchL

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