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The interior equipment, a grain grinding apparatus at least 130 years old, of a grist mill of Burton's Pond near Angola and Love Creek, has been purchased by an agent of Henry Ford and is being shipped to Detroit to be erected at a Dearborn museum of the auto manufacturer. The mill known as Burton's Mill had been in operation continuously for more than 130 years until three years ago.
While there is no name given as to the buyer it is reported that the mill equipment has been purchased “for a prominet resident of Detroit who intends to set it up in a Dearborn Museum “. The agent bought it as is, with no practical value and it's useful only as an interesting museum piece.
As of this date, Friday, September 25, 1931, the mill has been dismantled and is being cased and shipped by railroad from Sussex county to Detroit. Some state residents are said to be highly indignant at the removal of the historical article, however, there is no museum in Delaware of adequate size to accommodate it.
Persons who have examined the equipment, told it was water driven and never modernized, there are two separate grinders, one for coarse grinding and one for fine grinding. They say the equipment was constructed between 1790 and 1800 and has out last three buildings, the first of which was all log built. Today the road to it had grown over and only a small foot path led to it.
The same 'agent' had also tried to buy a historic New Castle store from William Laird who refused to consider the sale.
Source: Wilmington News Journal, Friday September 25, 1931

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