Thursday, November 24, 2016

1943 Wagamon Feed Mill Fire

AUGUST 4 1943

Fire of an undetermined origin early this morning destroyed the four story Diamond State Roller Mill with an estimated loss of $125,000 and three injured firemen, one seriously.
Vonel Banning suffered sever burns of the arms and body , less seriously hurt were Victor Spencer, the fire chief, and fireman Sam Hearn.
The feed mill is operated by Henry C and William B. Wagamon.

Elmer Hastings, farmer living near the mill, discovered the fire at 4 am, but by the time the fireman could get there the flames were unable to be checked, however, were able to save three other structures containing feed and poultry equipment. The mill contained modern machinery to manufacture floor, all types of dairy, hog and poultry feed and a large inventory in storage. . Also lost were 2000 bushels of wheat, 1000 pounds of corn, eight tons of dried milk. It served a wide area of farms.

Milton firemen were assisted by Ellendale, Lewes, Georgetown and Milford. Heat of the burning building was so intense firemen could not get within 50 yards with water hose. Sparks flew about the town and firemen stood by to prevent other fires from starting.

The original mill was built in 1901 by Daniel Wagaman and Curtis Wagamon , with additions made in 1926 and 1937 and was one of the largest and oldest feed mills in the state.

Wilmington Morning News, August 5 1943

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