Monday, December 26, 2016



While excavating in the east corner of the Sussex County jail lot on the 31st

of July, 1902, prisoners on special duty unearthed a skull and a number of bones

which are said to be those of Patty Cannon, notorious slave trader, who had lived

on the Maryland & Delaware state line at Johnson's Cross Roads, Sussex county.

She was located in the Sussex county Jail after being convicted of murder

in the early part of the last century. A few days before her set execution she

died, supposedly from self administered poison. There is no doubt the bones

are hers as she was the only person on record of ever being buried in the jail


The skull and bones are on exhibit in the office of Lawyer James A. Marsh

and scores of people have been attracted there to see them.

SOURCE; Wilmington Evening Journal , Friday, August 1, 1902, page 2.

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