Sunday, December 13, 2009

John M. Clayton's birthday

One of the most interesting events which have occurred in lower Delaware for many years was the celebration today at Prince George's Chapel just a few miles from this town, of the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of John M. Clayton, one of Americas illustrious statesmen.
Born at Dagsboro, Sussex County, on July 24, 1796, John Middleton Clayton, after a youth of struggle for a livelihood, was sent to Yale where he was graduated with distinction in 1815. He then completed a course at Litchfield Law School and was admitted to the Delaware State Bar in 1819. His success was simultaneous with his admission and he immediately rose to distinction. This was achieved not less by his ability in the highest court, than by his skill before a jury.
In 1837 he was appointed to Chief Justice of Delaware. In 1829 Mr. Clayton represented his State in the United States Senate. He was reelected twice but resigned in 1849 to accept a seat in President Taylor's cabinet and was again elected to the United States Senate in 1851, continuing in the office until his death.
Prince George's Chapel, Dagsboro, renovated in 1895 and put in repair by patriotic men and women of the area, is the identical parish meeting house where John M. Clayton was baptized a century ago.

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