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Succinct Description of Georgtown in 1847

This article appeared in the Baltimore Sun newspaper, May 8, 1847 and was written by its correspondent "SPLINTERSHANKS"

Georgetown, Sussex county, Delaware, May 2, 1847:
Several times have I promised myself to let you hear from me from this place, but from press of business matters I have been debarred from it as often.
I shall give but a short though somewhat succinct description of the place and its people, with their merits, demerits, and appearances, as they appear to me.
It is the seat of justice, the county town of Sussex county, Delaware, and is situated in its centre, on the main mail stage and state road, within 20 miles south of Milford, Kent county, and respectively within 8, 18, 16 and 20 miles of Milton. Lewis, Laurel, Seaford and horsey X Roads, all in the same county, and withibn about 20 miles of the Maryland line on its west and south, and the Atlantic Ocean on its east.
It has an old but somewhat inviting look, particularly at a distance, with its church spire and court house, and college steeples. It has a fine brick court house, a neat and most beautiful brick church, a handsome and capacious brick college and three hotels. Several stores with good stock of goods, clever, honorable and accommodating owners, a sound and thriving bank, the money and officers of which are "as good as old wheat" without chaff. There are from 500 to 600 well bred, jocose, hospitable and intelligent inhabitants. Last, but not least of all, about 'almost' several scores of gentlemen of spiritual, medical and legal callings, rights and privileges.
The country round about the town is very level and sandy, though somewhat productive. There are several snug country residences just out of the borders of the town. SPLINTERSHANKS

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