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Physicians Who Settled In Seaford In Its Early History.

After the death of Dr. Cottingham, I think Dr. John Gibbon was the next physician there. He was an Irishman and upon coming to this country, landed at Lewistown. I think at first he engaged in teaching and was also a Justice of the Peace, but as early as I can remember was successful practitioner. When he came to this country he was not married and soon married a Miss Cannon, either a sister or daughter of Elijah Cannon, and had four children, Washington and Frank who both died young, the a daughter, Caroline, who may be still living in Washington, D.C. A younger daughter died young. His home was on the corner of Front and East streets, and known as the Stewart property as the daughter Carline married James Stewart and became sole heir.

The next physician was probably William Morgan who moved from Milton to Cannon Ferry, thence to Seaford in 1825. He lived and practiced medicine on East Street in the house know now as the Hosea Dawson property. He went to Seaford as a preacher in the Methodist Episcopal Church but went at the 1827 division of the Methodist to the Methodist Protestant Church and was a leading spirit of that church and his efforts responsible for the first M.P. church at Seaford. Mrs. Hosa Dawson was his only child.

In 1838 two doctors went to Seaford and practiced together, Dr. Goldsburough and Dr. Flint. Dr. Goldsburough, old and infirm, still lives in Greensboro, Caroline County Maryland. Dr. flint married Miss Rhoda Jacobs and returned to Cambridge, thence to Missouri where he died a year or so ago, a very old man.

In 1846, Dr. Joseph P. H. Shipley went to Seaford and soon was known to be a very skillful physician and built up a large practice. He married first Miss Ann Wright who lived but a few years after. She left a son, who also became a promising physician but sad to say, became a victim to intoxicants and his sun set in a cloud.
For a second wife Dr. Joseph Shipley married Jane Hopkins, whose son is now a successful physician in Seaford. After those, were, Doctors fisher, Hains, Johns and Roop.

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