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History of Seaford -1799-1856 by Robert Boyce Hazzard /Chapter 3 Continnued

NOTICE READERS: The last post, August 30, 2010, sort of ends the third decade of the century in which this history was written. Today's post will continue with some names of fourth decade citizens that Robert Boyce Hazzard mentions.

There went to Seaford toward the close of the third and during the fourth decade, those who contributed largely by their moral and financial force to the continued prosperity of the town.

William Rogers moved here to a farm of Caleb Ross about 1838, subsequently bought it and raised a large honorable family, and lived to a very old age.

Jesse and Hugh Brown, farmers, well respected,both lived to an old age. Had honorable children who contributed to the interest of the town and county.

The Robinsons, William and Jesse, natives of Hurlock, Maryland area, went to Seaford when young men.

Now to mention some of those who lived near and adjoining Seaford.

Mrs. Rust, widow of one of the first merchants at Jackson's Wharf, owned and lived upon the farm now known as the Colonel Martin Farm, extending from what is now the railroad to Chapel Branch. She was an active and successful farmer in the mid 1830'sand raise four children, John, Catesby, Luther and Sarah Ann. After her death the family broke up and I never knew where John and Luther settled, but Sarah Ann married the Rev. Mr. Wright, preacher of the Methodist Protestant Church, who had a daughter marry to William Massey, a Greensboro man of considerable wealth. Catesby remained in the county, became well known and died but a few years ago, an old man.

The Dulaney family, consisting of the mother, two brothers, William and Levin, a sister, lived above Seaford at what is now called Dulaney's Mill.

Planner Williams, owner of a small farm below Seaford, had a nice home on the river shore, raised a respectable family, Alfred and Frank, who are now old men.

Hudson Cannon lived on the Pea Liquor farm, had three sons, Londer, Peter, and Henry, and two daughters. One, Kitty, became the wife of Cornelius Prettyman and is the mother of Rev Cornelius Prettyman and Rev Thomas Prettyman.

This Ends Chapter III of the book, "History of Seaford".

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