Sunday, February 27, 2011

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Contributed by Harrison

Description: Thomas Nelson Dies at Milton, Delaware Home of William Perry.

Date: September 23 1807

Newspaper published in: Philadelphia

Source: newspapre archives/bank

Died: On Monday the 14th September, inst., of a bilious fever, at the home of Mr. William Perry near the village of Milton, in the county of Sussex, and state of Delaware - THOMAS NELSON, a native of Ireland and one of the brave fellows who in July last, raised on the officers and crew of the British armed schooner Hornet, and freed themselves from the fangs of tyranny. Before his death, Mr. Nelson informed Mr. Perry that he had a sister married to a man of the name Robert Patterson, who lived within eleven miles of Pittsburgh in the state of Pennsylvania and that before he was impressed into the British service he had resided for four years principally in that neighborhood. Printers in Pittsburgh and other towns in the western country will serve the cause of humanity by publishing the above two or three times.

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