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True Republican new edit
Contributed by Harrison

Description: The Recent Delaware Election of Federalists Truit and Van Dyke

Date: December 16 1807

Newspaper published in: Connecticut

Source: newspaper/archives

Page/Column: Weekly Register of Politics and News.

Delaware closely adheres to her own partialities. At a recent election there, George Truit of Kent County, was chosen Governor, and Nicholas VanDyke representative in Congress.
They are both Federalists. Delaware is a small state ans to that circumstance I attribute the continued predominance of Federal principals among the people. In one county, the voters are as well drilled to the service of their leaders as a company of regular soldiers in the Pussian service are to the orders of their captain. I really mean no offense to the people of Sussex , but they would appear a great more respectable in the eyes of their fellow countrymen if they were to free themselves from that vassalage under which they labor, and act a little bit more independent.

From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia:

George Truit, 1756-1818, was an american farmer and politician from Muderkill Hundred in Kent county, Delaware, near Felton. He was a member of the Federalist Party who served in the Delaware General Assembly ans as governor of Delaware. He was a descendant of a George Truit who settled in Accomack county in Virginia in the 17th Century. He was married to Margaret Hodgson and had a daughter Sarah. The farm was east of Felton on the Canterbury Road and they also had a town home at 12 South Main Street in Camden. The family were Methodist. He remains are now at Barratts Cemetery.

Nicholas Van Dyke, 1738-1789, was an American Lawyer and Politician from New Castle, serving in the Delaware Assembly, a Continental Congressman and President [Governor] of Delaware. Van Dyke was born at the family home, Berwick, in St. Georges Hundred, the son of Nicholas and Rachel Alee Van Dyke. He was home educated and read law in Philadelphia, returning home to begin practice. He married twice, first to Elizabeth Nixon who died giving birth to their first child, Rachael in 1767. He then married Charlotte Stanley, and they had four children, Nancy Ann, Mary, Nicholas, and Harry. The were members of the Immanuel Episcopal Church. He died at Berwick, buried there but later his remains were buried in the New Castle Episcopal Church Yard.

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