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Contributed by Harrison

Description: Ellendale Methodist Episcopal Church

Date: Various 2011

Newspaper published in: Pennsylvania

Source: archives

The Ellendale Methodist Episcopal Church:

On July 16, 1873, William McColley granted to Alfred Heavelow, William Short, James M. Jester, Bevans Morris and Alfred Short, a tract of land for a church, parsonage and school.
A school and parsonage costing $500 were soon erected and the church was commenced in 1882 and dedicated December 31st of that year by the Rev. Mr. Johathan S. Willis.
The building committee, composed of Elias B. Reed, Alfred Short, and Benjamin E. Jester, erected a neat frame edifice, thirty bu forty-four feet at a cost of $1,200.00 . The membership was twenty five communicants and a connected Sunday School containing twenty scholars under the superintendency of James H. Jester.
The church has always been connected with the Ellendale Circuit and the pulpit has been filled by the pastors of that Circuit.

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