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Pennsylvania Gazette new edit
Contributed by Harrison

Description: A Lighthouse and Buoy Markers For the Delaware 1767

Date: September 10 1767

Newspaper published in: Philadelphia

Source: Accessible Archives Newspapers

Philadelphia, 10 September 1767 :

THE COMMISSIONERS appointed by ACT OF ASSEMBLY of the Province of Pennsylvania, for building a LIGHTHOUSE at Cape Henlopen and fixing buoys in the Bay of Delaware, having now completed this service, think proper to make public the Situation of said Buoys in hopes that the directions following may prove useful to the SHIPPING bound up or down this bay.

Directions for sailing into the Whorekiln Road.

1. A red Buoy is stationed on the SE Point of the Shears, in Four Fathom Water. The Lighthouse bears from this Buoy S by E and the outer Point of the Cape S by E, half E. The Course of the Cape bears SE by E, the Buoy NNE and Lewes Town SW, THEN there is Anchorage in four Fathom Water, good Ground.

2. A large black Buoy is stationed on the Lower Part of the Brown, in Three and a Quarter Fathom Water, which is to be left on the Larboard Hand when bound up the Bay. The Lighthouse bears from this Buoy S Three Quarters E. Cape May bears E On Quarter Sand the Buoy on the Lower Point of the Brandywine N One Quarter W.

3. A Buoy on the Lower Part on the Brandywine, in Four Fathom Water: The Body of this Buoy is painted black, with white rim and black head. Cape May bears from this Buoy ESE One quarter E, the Buoy on the Brown S One quarter E. Muspilion W. The Buoy on the Upper Part of the Brandywine NNW Onr qquarter W. From this Buoy, in coming up, the course is NW by N as high as the Breakers, which lie about Midway between the two Buoys, and it is steep too; When you are abrest of the Breakers, at the Distance of a Cable Length from them, the Course is NNW some time then N will bring you to the upper Buoy on the Brandywine, which lies in Five Fathom Water.

4. A large Buoy in the upper Part of the Brandywine, in Five Fathom Water, painted white next the Water, the middle Part red, with a black rim, the Head a black Ground with ffour white Squares, Cape May bears from this Buoy SE by N. Muspilion W by S Three Quarters W. The Lower Buoy on the Brandywine , SSE One Quarter E and the Breakers on the Height of the Shoal, SSE Half E.

5. A large white Buoy , on the LOwer End of the Cross Ledge , in Three and Half Fathom Water: Egg Island bears from this Buoy E Half N, fotescue Island NE by N One qqquaed E. The Lower Part of Bombay Hook NW. A remarkable Tree in the Motherkln SW Hale W and the Buoy on the Upper Middle NW Half N.

6. A black Buoy on the Upper Middle, in Seventeen Feet Water: The Lower Part of Bombay Hook , intersecting the Uppermost of the Thrum Caps, bear from this buoy NW Half W. The Thrum Caps NW by W. Fortescue Island E by N Three quarters N and the Buoy on the Cross Ledge SE Half S. This Buoy lies on the Height of the Shoal, in Seventeen Feer Water, at low Tide and Vessels of 14 or 15 Feet may go over any time of Tide:

NB The Sounding of the Buoys are taken at Low Water.

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