Monday, July 4, 2011


Philadelphia Inquirer July 4th 1909
Chalkley Mansion was said to have been built by the Quaker Missionary by that name around 1701, when he first settled on the plantation of forty five hundred acres at Frankford on the Delaware. Chalkley was also master of his own sailing vessel with which he traded in the West Indies and used to spread the Quaker Religion throughout the early colonies from New England to the Carolina's. For many years past the John Wetherill family has owned the property since early in the 1800's. A son, Edward later had greatly improved the property and made a handsome country home until the Pennsylvania Railroad built a bridge across the Delaware and ran its tracks within yards of the mansion. Lately the property has been a delightful country home for children and their mothers when Edward Wetherill loaned the stately mansion to the College Settlement of Philadelphia. It will soon be closed and become a municipal improvement, an industrial park.

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