Friday, July 1, 2011


Mr. Grey, an ingenious gentleman of Sussex County, on the Delaware, invented a non-explosive burning fluid, and invited a few friends ro come witness a test of its qualities. He gathered a select circle around a barrel of the fluid in a garret and to prove how non-explosive it was, stirred it with a red hot poker. Within seconds, the inventor and his friends were seen to emerge through the roof, with pieces of wood, shingles and other 'things' on their heads, on the way northwest toward the river, all enjoying a birds eye view of Sussex county at some thousad feet above sea level. Mr. Grey observed to a friend nearest him that he thought he had made a mistake and mixed too much benzine in the fluid. Mr. Greys widow will sell the patent for the non-explosive fluid very cheap, she needing the money badly because Mr. Grey was scattered so much around Sussex County when he came down that she had to bury him gradually for the next three weeks.

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