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Pierer Cornelisz Plockhoy was born a Mennonite around 1625 in Zierikzee, a Dutch province of Zeeland. Plockhoy was an Idealists, not all that much knowledgeable of the hard nose political reality of a strict social economic class that goverened the European people for centuries. He advocated a society where there are no classes , no disperity between rich and poor, an egalitarian colony in new America.

Sometime between 1658 and 1660 he obtained financial backing by the City of Amsterdam to support a colony and set about to recruit the desired colonists, farmers, fishermen and craftsmen. In the month of May 1663, he and about 40 followers set sail for America on the ship Saint Jacob, which arrived off Cape Henlopen in July 1663, and Plockhoy led the colonists, bag and bagage and farm utensils, ashore.

The Dutch and England were at war and two years after this settlement was established , after Dutch Peter Stutvesant surrendered New Amsterdam, the English sent Sir Robert Carr to Delaware where he had little difficulty subduing the dutch settlements, including the Plockhoy settlement. The Duke of York ordered Carr that the Dutch Colonists in Delaware were to be treated with humanity and gentalness, however, Carr boasted that he destroyed the 'Quaking society of Plockhoy to a nail', and Plockhoy just vanished.

Abstract of Delaware Diary of Michael Morgan in the Delaware Coast Press, Wednesday May 4, 2016.

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