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Will Rogers & Wiley Post arrive Alaska

The Morning News new edit
Contributed by Harrison

Description: Wiley Post and Will Rodgers Arrive in Alaska for Vacation Trip
Date: August 7 1935

Newspaper published in: Wilmington Delaware

Source: newspapers

Juneeau, Alaska,, 7 August 1935:

After an eight hour and fifteen minute flight from Saettle, Wiley Post and Will Rogers, landed in Gastinau Bay off Juneeau, Alaska. Both Post and rogers declined to comment on where they would go next, except that they might fly into the interior of the Territory. Post said " we will stay here until we take off for some place". Post had intention of meeting his wife, at some point, who was traveling north by ship.
A large group of people lines the water front to greet the pair. Post, who had flown over and through Alaska several time before, left the red pontoon monoplane to greet the Alaskans in his shirt sleeves, with Will Rogers, in grey suit and overcoat , emerged a bit later, with a smile, telling the crowd he had enjoyed the trip immensely and he was glad the weather had been ideal for flying.
Greeted by Posts' old friend and another veteran aviator, Joe Crosson, the group were driven to the home of Governor John Troy for the evening. .

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