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Lewes, Delaware February 15, 1895:
The Shenaandoah Herald of Pennsylvania of Tuesday last has told us the Fred Dodd, age 22 of Lewes, Delaware and Miss Minnie Guldin, age 19, of Shenandoah were married in Camden New Jersey .
The local society circles are once more stirred up, not by scandal, but by an unexpected wedding. The principals of the situation are Miss Minnie Guldin of Shenandoah and Fred Dodd of Lewes, Delaware. Miss Guldin is daughter of John A. Guldin and Mary A Mortimer, of Schuylkill county, Mr. Guldin being a one time livery stable owner and operator , now the proprietor of the Commercial Hotel here, and a veteran of the Civil War. Fred Dodd, s son of John H. Dodd and his wife Elizabeth of Milton. Mr Dodd is a prosperous dry goods merchant of Lewes, once in partnership with J. A. Tingle and Alfred Burton as J. H. Dodd & Company in 1866. Alfred Burton being known as the first mayor of todays Lewes.
The marriage was a secret to all until last night. Even the brides parents did not know until that time. Miss Guldin and Mr. Dodd first met last October in Lewes where the grooms home is located, than about two weeks ago Mr. Dodd came to Shenandoah and stayed as a guest at the hotel. Last Thursday he and Miss Guldin left by train for Pottsville, ostensibly to visit some of her relatives, but nothing unusual was suspected . Even when Miss Guldin failed to write that she was well and all at her destination there were no suspucions as a blizzard had set to. Last night the young lady returned to her fathers hotel, not as Miss Guldin but as Mrs Fred Dodd. After the shock of the surprise passed, the blessings and forgiveness etc., everybody seemed happy.

The bride and groom are now domiciled at the hotel and say they were married in Camden, New Jersey. The wedding announcement will be a surprise in other parts of the county, especially Pottsville where she and her parents had recently resided and she had been promenent in amateur theatrical circles. She is a good looking woman of 19 years, had attained success as 'The Drummer boy' in the benefit production of ”The Drummer Boy of Shiloh” a few years ago and last December appeared as “Topsey” at a benefit of the Protestant Episcopal Church at the Robbins Opera House in Shenandoah.

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