Tuesday, October 4, 2016

1609 Henry Hudson at Cape Henlopen



The Hudson – DeVries celebration was held with the greatest pomp ever seen in lower coastal Delaware commemorating the three hundredth anniversary of Hudsons landing on 28 August 1609, and the arrival of a Dutch colony headed by David Peterson DeVries in April 1631.

The most important activity was the unveiling at noon of the monument erected to honor DeVries.

Federal Judge George Grey of Wilmington was the orator who presented the monument to Governor Simon Penniwill of Delaware.

The ancient town, at the mouth of the Delaware Bay, was crowded as never before was covered with decorations of American and Dutch colors.

Baron Loudon , Dutch Minister to the United States, was guest of honor. The United States Navy sent the Battleship Montana, Cruiser Dixie and a flotilla of eight torpedo boats to the Lewes Breakwater.

Rev. C. H. B. Turner, rector of the Saint Peters Episcopal Church of Lewes, was the celebrations originator and was the one who discovered that Hudson had arrived at 'Lewes Creek days before reaching New York and announced it should be noted so.

Thursday , September 23, 1909 The Baltimore Sun of Baltimore Maryland source.

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