Thursday, October 13, 2016



Brilliant in their native garb, with war paint, feathers, beads, buckskins, blankets and in tune with the beating of tom- tom's , giving war whoopes which echoed throughout the woodlands and across the Indian River waters, descendants of the Nanticoke Tribe , that inhabit the territory in the vicinity of Warwick and Oak Orchard, Sussex county, Delaware, held their Thanksgiving Day pow-wow, on the banks of the Indian river at River Dale Park, the home of Chief Seagull, known to his neighbors as Ferdinand Clark.

The Nanticoke Indian Association, ten years old, chartered in Delaware 1921, through efforts of the late Chief Wyniaco, William Russell Clark, father of Chief Seagull. Having much difficulty he sought assistance of Dr. Frank C. Speck, head of the Department of Anthropology of the University of Pennsylvania, who sponsored the cause of Clark and obtained the charter and the Nanticoke Indian Association was founded .

Wyniaco was the name of the first chief who began to rally the clan and make memberships. He died 8 October, 1928 and succeeded by his son Chief Seagull.
At todays pow-wow prominent Indians present were ; Chief White Horn member of the Omaha Tribe, now living in Philadelphia, Lacey Oxendine , a Cherochee of Wilmiington, , Kardelanche Takotah, aka Herbert Davis of Wilmington, who is a Dakota from Pine Ridge Reservation, a Ogallala Sioux, EathenAllen Poe, a Chippewah, , Chief Gen Yen Twa Ga, aka James Johnson, Baltimore, of the Rappahanock Tribe of Indian Neck,Virginia, whose Indian name means “corn planter”, Assist Chief Mawett of Nanticoke tribe, living in Philadelphia, , Field Chief Little Owl, aka Charles Clark, a Nanticole living in Philadelphia, Joseph McFarland of the University of Pennsylvania, an honorary member named Shummotut, Nanticokes who will participate in the ceremony are Sequino, aka Carrie Wright, Laughing Water, Vina Harmon, Kooleon, Pat Harmon, Rus Hos, R. L. Harmon, Kitty Cawndigiqua, Isaac Harmon, Red Fox , Geathew Clark of Philadelphia, . Little Owl, Red Fox and Mawett are brothers of Chief Seagull.

Princess Madacanna, mother of Chief Seagull, was unable to attend because of a stroke she had several months ago, neither did Chief Seagull, who was under emergency care at Milford Hospital.
Chief Mawett was master of ceremonies and made invocation to the Great Spirit after which the Pipe of Peace was smoked. , then made welcomed tribesmen and visiting Indians. Dances during the afternoon were the welcome dance, greeting dance to the chiefs, round dance, square dance, duck and snake dances, turkey dance, war dance and farewell dance. Later was a big dinner served to all present.

Tonight was the council meeting and tomorrow will be spent hunting for relics and mounds will be excavated , the raccoon hunt that night. Saturday is for fishing and boating on the river, while the girls make “much heap talk”' . Saturday night is the Council Big Fire Meeting and farewell dance. In the Council House.


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