Monday, January 16, 2017

A.I duPont divorce from Bessie Gardener.


Alfred Irenee duPont, age 42, millionaire powder manufacturer from Wilmington, Delaware, now a resident of Sioux Falls, obtained a divorce , December 8th, in the South Dakota Circuit Court at Sioux Falls, from his wife, former Elizabeth 'Bessie' Gardner, who he married in 1886.
duPont came to Sioux Falls six months ago to establish a residence for the purpose of obtaining the divorce, hoping to hide the fact that he had separated from his wife and to keep the proceedings testimony from becoming public. However, it was learned that he had for twenty years led a life of marital infelicity and that he felt he could not stand the strain of being joined in uncongenial wedlock any longer.
In spite of the bitterness that existed between duPont and his wife. It is known that he provided liberally for her support and the education of his four children who lived with the mother.
There was an amicable settlement made between the attorneys.

For six months before coming to Sioux Falls duPont had not seen his wife. They had two homes in Wilmington, the wife occupying one , the husband the other. The children lived with their mother and made frequent visits to the fathers home and this arrangement will continue.

DuPont is a graduate of the Institute of Technology of Boston and met his wife from New Haven when he was 22 years of age. They felling love on sight it is said and surprised their families when married, were forgiven, as A.I. And Bessie went to live in the home of his parents.

Not long after the marriage both found they had made a mistake and failed to get along with each other for weeks at a time, but lived under the same roof as strangers.

Abandoning his vice presidency of the A.I. DuPont Powder Company , he came to Sioux Falls and established residency. From the start he was accepted in the best set of society, spent much of his time hunting in the Black Hills, returning with many trophies of his crack shot marksmanship.

Mr. duPont's lawyer was W. G. Porter, Assistant United States Attorney, of Sioux Falls who refused to discuss the divorce saying it is of no interest to the public. It is not yet known if duPont will remain a resident here but he has said he would loath to give it up. It is expected that he will soon make a trip east to look after his business interest.


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