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One boat upsets twice, two others suffer rigging damage in heavy SW winds and choppy seas.

Lewes, Delaware, July 7, 1935:

Wide tacking on windward laps into a 25 mph SW breeze broke the rigging of two sail boats, and upset another, marked the Sunday race of the Lewes Yacht Club competing for the Henlopen Trophy with eleven entries. There was a hard, heavy, rain just before the race.

The “Extra Dry” , a sneak box, of W. Virden Burton, Lewes, suffered twice, first a broken tiller, then her jib was carried away. She kept in the race and finished fourth.

The “Alibi”, of Theodore Hazzard, Lewes, a new moth boat, lost her main mast and did not finish the race.

The “Duchess” of Richard A. Shields, Lewes, , capsised twice, filling her hull full of water and did not make the starting line and was hauled to shore by the patrol boat of Fleet Captain John R.Wine, Narberth. Pennsylvania.

The “Dipper”, parrine sneak box, of George and Douglas Fleming, of Ardmore, scratch boat,
swept into lead, and with skillful tacking of windward laps finished in 51 minutes and 32 seconds, closely followed by “Blue Hen 1st”, of Wilmington's Leighton Dorsey and “Just Us” of Lt. Justice Naylor, Ithaca, New York.

The “Sea Shell” of Howard Teal of Lewes, the winner of the 4th of July Race, was swept off course by the SE winds and did not finish.

“Skippy” of Lewes, Frank and Helene Carter, leads this seasons regattas with 26 -1/4 points.

Source: Wilmington Morning News, Monday, July 8, 1935

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