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The Wilmington New Journal on Wednesday, March 2nd, 1927 informed that a music colony is to be formed at Rehoboth this summer. The Valentine Conservatory of music has purchased the property and studio of the artist Robert Hinkley of Rehoboth and will establish there a music colony, to be known as the Beethoven Colony, fashioned after the MacDowell Colony in New England.
Musicians, such as Ben Stad, violinist, Reinhold Schmit, baritone, Josef Schmit, cellist, and Arthur Freidhelm, Laszt student, will spend the summer here and prepare their winter schedules.

Mrs. Florence King Salin and Miss Floris Emily Downing, of Rehoboth, both graduates of the Burrowes Course of Music Study from Valentine Conservatory of Music and Arts, having been taught by the president of the conservatory, Mrs. Constance Henry Killen, will be in charge of the Rehoboth branch school. Mrs Salin and Miss Downing directed many concerts and student recitals while the school was in Rehoboth.

December of 1927 , Valentine Conservatory of Music and Arts was placed in the hands of a receiver, Frank M. Jones, appointed by Chancellor Wolcott. Complainant E. Burbage Wilson, alleges the conservatory is insolvent.

Wednesday, May 30, 1928 a Receivers Sale of Valuable Real Estate and Personal Property was held in the Chancellor's chambers, City of Wilmington, New Castle county, Delaware, court house.

The sale consisted of four lots, south side of Stockley Street, Rehoboth Heights, improved by a large, modern, well built, two story, frame dwelling house, garage and outbuilding, a lot on the north side Stockley Street, improved by a modern , well built, two story, dwelling with garage. All conveyed unto the Valentine Conservatory of Music and Arts by Robert Hinkley and wife, October 7 1926.
Personal Property consisting of living roomn, dinning room, bed room furniture and kitchen etensils to be sold at Public Auction., by order of Frank M. Jones. Receiver. Georgetown, Delaware.

June 4, 1928, Deputy Clerk of the Peace, Bud Coy, of Georgetown, purchased the Valentine Conservatory of Music and Arts , Rehoboth property on Stockley Street, Rehoboth Heights, at Receivers Sale for $10,000.00

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