Thursday, May 9, 2013

Call to Complete the Delaware Breakwater

Calling For Completing The Delaware Breakwater
Tuesday, May 9, 1854

A recent article in this newspaper on the Breakwater subject, called for “Criminal Neglect” against the Government for not completing the Delaware Breakwater.
Here is what was learned since Our State of Delaware receives so little to cause attention or action, much less respect of congress, most likely on account of the very small electoral vote in Presidential machine. One reason reached us tells that the Custom house took precedence of the Breakwater was because a Deficiency Bill was sent to vote before the General Appropriation Bill, which covers the Breakwater. Then we learn that the appropriation was only $30,000, a long way to being enough.
The situation of the Breakwater is to this effect. Three miles from shore are two piles of stone, each a half mile in length, and between is a half mile gap, through which the harsh northeast winds pass during stormy weather. Many vessels seeking safety in the harbor fine that these wayward winds blowing through the gap will cause them to drag anchor and, at times, become wrecks upon the beach.
Now it is time for the Government to take action , grant appropriations to fill in the gap and make a continuous pile of stone to halt the northeaster winds through it.

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