Friday, May 10, 2013


Monday evening, last, my 83rd birthday was celebrated with a quiet dinner at the Col. David Hall house, in Lewes. Host and chef, Kevin, cookbook in hand, produced a delicious plate, chicken breast w/southern ham, bacon gravy spinach and small redskin potatoes, very well presented,  in the main dinning room, where many years ago during the War of 1812, town fathers gathered to make plans for the British bombardment or invasion, whichever came first. The main meal was 'warshed down' with a fine white wine from the Black Box. Very good.  Also 'warshed down' with fine wine was dessert, Carrot Cake,  direct from Christiana, via hostess Deny, daughter of the celebrant. After dinner and a few more 'warsh downs', a gift was given by the host and hostess, Kevin and Deny, to celebrant, a wonderful photo picture of the old barn on Kings Highway at Murrays Corner, with a full moon rising between the silo's, taken by Deny. 
May 10, 2013.

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