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At Henry Crossroads,  four or five miles south of Vienna on the road to Elliott Island, also once known as Vienna-Henry Crossroad Road,  passing through the LeCompte Wildlife Refuge and Butlers Beach, on past Hollands Crossroads, to Lewis Wharf Road, just before Cokeland,  would sit "Crossroad Store".

It was a two story wood frame building, with one downstairs room being the store. the other portion, on the south end, were living quarters.. This 'store' with its oiled wooden floors, pot bellied stove in center, some old 'pews' from the Wainwright's Chapel is where the local watermen and farmers would congregate to talk and  sometimes play cards or a game of checkers.  The wall shelving held popular brands of canned foods and a counter held the candy, cookies and cigars, chewing tobacco. 'Soda pop' was also a fast selling item carried by the store.  The store also catered to the negro farm hands of the area.

It was here, in this store, that the rush of modern day life slowed down.

History of  'Crossroad Store' starts about 1885 or so, being built by Julian Bradshaw on land owned by Col. Frank Henry.  This store was 'tended' by several local people, unti lit was sold to Jake Herbert and kept by his wife. The Herberts sold to Harriet McCready and her son Calvert, thence they sold to Uriah Willey, thence to Cecil  Richardson.  Several years later, about  1933, Richardson sold the property to Russell Lewis who built a new structure to house the store, removing the old place.  Russell Lewis sold the business and property to Outten Hurley and he and his wife operated the store until 1953 when  Mr. and Mrs. Powell Horsman purchased it.

My source was my cousin Gladys Lewis and notes by Brice Stump.

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