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Inquirer new edit
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Description: 1915 Service At Prince George Episcopal Church Dagsboro, Delaware
Date: June 21 1915

Newspaper published in: PHILADELPHIA

Source: newspaper archives

Page/Column: Sussex County Snapshots

Dagsboro, Delaware - June 21, 1915 :

Hundreds were present and listened to Right Rev. Frederick J. Kinsman, Bishop of Delaware, yesterday, in his annual address and sermon to Prince George Episcopal Church congregation a mile East of Dagsboro. The Bishop was assisted by Rev. G. R. Wells of St. Mark's of Millsboro, and Rev. S. R. VanLoan of St. Paul's of Georgetown.
The church was erected in 1771 when it was in Somerset, Maryland.
It was attended by General Dagsworthy who at the time was the senior officer of the Colonial Troops, later to be taken over by General George Washington.
Dagsworthy remains now lie in the Prince George churchyard where a handsome monument marks his resting place. The old church is kept in good repair but is only used once each year for an annual service.

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