Monday, June 10, 2013

The Sun new edit
Contributed by Harrison

Description: Civil War On The Nanticoke / Two Dorchester Schooners Captured.
Date: July 26 1861

Newspaper published in: Baltinore

Source: newspaper archives

Capture of Two Schooners on the Nanticoke - July 26, 1861 :

This papers had mentioned a few days ago the the steamer Yankee had brought to the city of Washington two prize vessels, seized on the Nanticoke river. Both vessels belonged to Capt. Atwood Johnson of Lakes District, Dorchester County, Maryland. Following particulars of the seizure came to us from the Cambridge Democrat newspaper.
" The vessels loaded in April last, one at Baltimore with assorted cargo, the other at Philadelphia with iron, and on the 20th of that month started in company from Baltimore, with one "Brunette" for Portsmouth, Petersburg and Richmond, the other with "Ringdove" for Richmond. They arrived off Fortress Monroe the same day as the 'blockade' commenced, where the papers of the "Ringdove" were endorsed and all boats were ordered off. The vessels returned to Lakes Cove, anchored near Capt. Johnson's residence where the "Ringdove" terminated and the "Brunette" returned to Baltimore to 'land' her cargo. Upon the return of the ships they sailed up the Nanticoke River as far as "Bacon Quarter" to prevent water worm damage to their bottoms where the "Yankee" found them and took them to Washington."
Such are the facts given us by Capt. Johnson and from these facts there can be no violations of law made. There were no smuggled good on board, the made no attempt to run the blockade, they have in no degree or instance attempted to give aid or comfort to the Virginians, but yet they were torn from their moorings, hawsers cut and thrown overboard, towed to Washington, held on some plea unknown to the owner, but groundless, as the facts show.

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