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The Rehoboth Beacon new edit
Contributed by Harrison

Description: October 1872 - The Beginning of Rehoboth Beach
Date: July 1873

Newspaper published in: Rehoboth Beach, Near Lewes, Delaware

Source: My Own Collection

On October 10. 1872 , Revds., R. W. Todd, , L. C. Matlock, D.D., E. Stubs, J. B. Quigg and H. M. Rile, Esq., all of Wilmington; Rev. T. L. Poulsen and J. D. Robinson Esq., of Baltimore; together with the Rev. W. M. Warner, T. E. Records and S. P. Houston, Esqrs., of Lewes visited the grounds, carefully examining the same with a view to a determination of the question of their fitness for the purposes designed. That evening a meeting of the gentlemen above, and a few others, was held at the residence of Mr. Warner in Lewes, where, after consultation, the unanimous conclusion was reached that the location was adapted to the purpose of a sea side resort. A committee consisting of Rev. W. M. Warner, T. E. Records, S. P. Houston, and E. J. Morris, was appointed to negotiate for the purchase of the property. also at this meeting twenty some shares were subscribed and proper measures were taken to organize the Association. The third day of November following, contracts for the purchase of two tracts of land belonging to Lorenzo D. Martin and John Marsh , were drawn up and executed. The Rev. Robert W. Todd of Wilmington and Hon. Robert J. Jump, of Denton, furnished the money to confirm the sale.

Note: The Rehoboth Beacon was published by the Rehoboth Beach Camp Meeting Association of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The above issue was Vol 1 - No.1, July 1873

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