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William Bright of Wilmington has definitely decided to erect a new hotel at Rehoboth, is now collecting the materials for the contractor, Jacob Webb, to commence work.

The hotel will be three stories high with a mansard type roof virtually making it a four story structure. The upper floor will be arranged in all respects like the second and third.

It will be located at Surf and Wilmington avenues, on the opposite side of Rehoboth Avenue from the Surf House, some 300 feet from that hotel. Fronting 80 feet on the ocean front and extend 80 feet on Wilmington Avenue. The main building will be 36 feet in depth. In the south end of this portion will be a parlor, 36 x 21, with a wash room and a private department , each 14 x 10, between it and the main hall, separated by a five foot hall which intersects the main hall at right angles and traverses the first floor in the main building, except that portion occupied by the parlor. The main hall is 10 feet wide and from it raises the main stairway. On the right hand side upon entering is the office and back of this in the north end a private parlor. Across the hall in the center of the building, in the L, is the dinning room. 36 x 58 , and one of the finest halls in the state. In the rear of the L is the kitchen, 25 x29, and an ironing room 10 x 20 adjoining. Under thes and a section of the dinning hall will be a cellar. A porch , 11 foot wide will extend along the front of the hotel, down the south end and along the L, forming a promenade 180 feet in length. The Second, third and fourth flloors are devoted to 80 sleeping rooms, wide and well ventilated , opening into a hallway.

The new hotel will be built neatly and substantially by contract with Mr. Jacob Z Webb. with much ornamentation and have a capacity of 200 guest and be open for the first of May next year.

Abstract of article in the December 4, 1875, Wilmington Daily Commercial.

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