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Sussex County Short vs Cannon for overnor Nomination. 1936


The Duchy of Delaware is the nicest, tightest little empire ever ruled by any monarch, aside of Monte Carlo, Luxemburg or Lichtenstein.

It's rulers, the du Ponts, manufacturers of gun powder, munitions, paint and the wealthiest family in the United States. The family members build highways, schools, and own the two daily newspapers that dominate the state, they elect the governor, usually from their family, They are definite, though kindly, despots.

But now, in 1936, their little duchy is torn with internal political dissension. What the du Ponts had done with the Democrats has come home to roost. du Pont spent more money to stir dissension within the Democratic Party with control of the Liberty League, and a long list of of sores, including Talmadge

The bitter feuding within the Republican Party of Delaware, unless peace is arranged, and quickly, will cause the three electoral votes of this traditional G.O.P. stronghold will bear the Democratic label.

The cause of the dissension is an alleged doublecross. The popular Sussex county leader , Adolphus Short, has laid claim that the du Pont machine promised him the Republican gubernatorial nomination which is backed by former congressman Robert G. Cannon that this assurance was given two years ago by Governor Douglas Buck, a du Pont so in law, at the G.O.P. Convention.

Buck, now looking toward senatorial ambitions, denied the statement, and had the convention nominate Shorts rival, Colonel Harry Cannon, whereas Short and his followers walked out of the convention, held a 'rump' meeting and formed an independent Republican Party which will hold a nominating convention this week where a rival G.O.P. Ticket, headed by Short , probably will be put into the field of play. The dukes of the duPont Duchy are bringing heavy pressure to bear on Short to return to the 'fold'. So far, Short has turned down all ovetures and has been in negotiation with the Townsendites for an alliance 'against' the duPont machine.

Source: Abstract Washington Merry Go Round, Drew Pearson, in the Sept. 8, 1936, Seattle Daily Times, Seattle, Washington.

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