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The colorful pageantry of a Shriners parade attracted an estimated 10,000 more visitors here yesterday to swell the usual influx of week end vacationers. The unofficial estimate placed the crowd
in excess of 30,000 , the largest week end of the season.

The line of march for the gala spectacle was up Rehoboth Avenue, ending at the boardwalk where the Nur Temple, Ancient Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, put on an elaborate show.

To the huge throng the brilliant costumes of the Shriners were like a page from the Arabian Nights.

By 3:15 the parade was underway, lead by Illustrious Potentate, C. B. Harris of Wilmington. Seven horsemen on prancing steeds, bedecked in gay trapings, gave a demonstration near the boardwalk, after which drills on the boardwalk were entertained. Music was by the Evergreen Forest Band, Tall Cedars of Lebanon , that later played for a dance in the evening on the concrete section of the boardwalk.

Mayor Clarence Lynch and City Manager Turner welcomed the visitors and thanked the Shriners for choosing Rehoboth for the gala event.

Belhaven Hotel was the headquarters for the 2000 Shriners and families. The 'Wrecking Crew' showered thousands of youngsters with colored lollypops.

Weather conditions were ideal with a southeasterly breeze, 92 degree with high humidity and a brief storm that dropped the temperature to a comfortable 82.

Source: Virginia F. Cullen, Wilmington Morning News, Monday, August 5, 1957.

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