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A jinx at Fenwick Narrows? The little salt bays just inside the surf near Fenwick Island Lighthouse, on the Maryland line, are very shallow, maybe averaging three yo four feet deep. The only place of more depth is the Fenwick Island Narrows that connects the bays.

There is a legend that it was not always and island, that a man named Fenwick escaped frm a pirate ship ans swam to shore, landing where he settled. It is said he dug across the narrow isthmus and disconnected the new island from the mainland so that his cattle did nor stray from home too far.

Another story like this came from a bit farther down the coast at Sineepuxent Neck where ole folk will tell you it was a man named Fassitt who pleaded to the pirates to “please do not throw me overboard as I cannot swim”, but that is what they did, and he swam to shore, as he was as much at home in the water and a rabbit in briar patch.

Anyway, Fenwick Narrows is kept at least 15 feet deep but tidal action scouring through this bottleneck. There is a narrow timber bridge across the Narrows which is appropriate for the light amount of traffic. There was never any news of anyone having trouble crossing the bridge.

Now, within the past twelve hours, three cars have plunged off the bridge. The first one the car goes clear under water and the driver is rescued. A few hours late, another car goes through the warning flags and piles on the other car under water, the third car manages to stop with just its front wheels over the water. All of these cars were going too fast to take the curve.

State Troopers left the scene talking to themselves and shaking their heads, was it coincidence, fate or what? Did old Fenwick or Fassett put a jinx on it? It 'is' a place to be careful of.

Wilmington Morning News, Thursday , November 23, 1950

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