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The Lewes Board of Trade, finding that but few cattle are being kept on the Sussex county farms, hereabout, have made “A Call To Cattle Back to Farms” , and have made plans to for the building of a “creamery” at Lewes. Over $5000 worth of stocks were subscribed at a June 29th meeting and a new Lewes industry is assured. Building operations will begin in July to be completed by September.
A Certificate of Incorporation was issued at Dover , Friday. August 23, 1912, to Lewes Creamery Company, Lewes, Delaware. To construct, conduct and operate a creamery and all things pertaining thereto, with capital stock $50,000.
Wednesday, August 14th, 1912, a great many Lewes towns people and farmers financially interested , were present at the new creamery when it's first butter was turned out. Mr. Williams, is in charge
A large local farmer, William D. Wilson, on November 29, 1913, that the past year he has had dealing with the Lewes Creamery and received $711.60 in payment for cream, in addition to the milk and calves he raised and sold. He advocates the Lewes Creamery and its butter production as a valuable asset to all local farmers.
George Fisher was elected, Thursday, May 29, 1913 meeting, to act as superintendent of the Lewes Creamery plant and will have charge of the ice cream making with the new machinery having just been installed for that purpose. Fisher will fill in the place left by Fred Blandorf of Mooresboro, North Carolina who for the past three months has held the managers job he took over from Mr. Williams, but has left Lewes to go back to Mooresboro when his sister died., and has decided not to return.
The 1915 meeting of the stockholders on Monday, March 29th, were held elections for directors of the Lewes Creamery Company and they were; James T. Lank, George E. Vickers, George E. Hudson, Herbert Fisher, William D. Wilson, Joseph D. Thompson and James J. White. Evidently the annual meeting of stockholders of the Lewes Creamery Company were held the first Wednesday of March.
Also at this meeting the officers were elected, they being; Joseph D Thompson, president; W.D. Wilson, vice president; treasure, James T. Lank; secretary, James White and Harold Stevens appointed Superintendent for the ensuing year.
October 16, 1918, George fisher , manager of Lewes Creamery Company, has taken the position of assistant engineer of the pilot boat Philadelphia to succeed Charles Lofland who is now Chief of the pilot boat. Paul Carpenter will take charge of the management of the Lewes Creamery.
On December 30, 1818, Paul Carpenter resigned and John C. Ellingsworth of Milton has been appointed manager to fill his spot.
The business of the Lewes Creamery has increased to such an extent that two large rooms have been added to the plant, making it one of the finest and best equipped on the peninsula. It, however, did have it's share of problems as did most businesses, in 1913 some youngsters broke into the plant and 70 cent was taken from the cash drawer and in 1915 the scarcity of cream posed a serious problem.

Source: Harrison Howeth abstracts;
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