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The Public are respectfully informed That a School for Young Ladies is established under the direction of Mr. R. S. Clarke, where they are instructed in the necessary parts of Female Education and in useful accomplishment, such as; English Language, Grammatically, Elocution, Writing,
Arithmetic, Geography and the use of maps and globes, &c.

And a Classical School is open under the direction of Mr. Peter Laughlin , where young gentlemen will be prepared for the Universities. They will also be instructed in all branches of English Education, Mathematics, Navigation, Surveying, Book Keeping, &c.

Morals and manners of the pupil will be particularly attended to.

We are happy to announce that from an acquaintance with Mr. R. S. Clarke as a teacher of the English Language in this place for two years past, and the proficiency which his pupils has made, we feel no hesitation in saying that all who may favor him with charge of their youth will find in him both abilities and assiduity as well as a most happy mode of governing and instructing his pupils.

And while an acquaintance with Mr. Clarke enables us to vouch for his abilities and attention , the full and ample recommendations which accompanies Mr. McLaughlin , together with a small personal acquaintance , authorizes us to place equal confidence in his abilities as teacher of the languages and mathematics.

We have no doubt that as an Academy thus established under the care and guidance of such gentlemen of merit and talents, in a place most noted for beauty and healthfulness, where Board and Tuition will not exceed One Hundreds Dollars per annum, will confer upon many the blessings of a genteel and accomplished education

Signed: Dr. Hall, Daniel Rodney, Caleb Rodney, John White, James Wilson, George Parker,
William Wolfe, James Wiltbank, Frederick Rowe and Jacob Wolfe.
Lewes on Delaware, September 13, 1803.

Source: Advertisement, Wednesday, September 14, 1803, Mirror of the Times & General Advertiser,
Wilmington, Delaware.  Abstract Harrison Howeth, Lewes, Delaware 2017.

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