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WHOREKILL 1664 – 1671


In the years between 1664 and 1671, inclusive, there were only six land transactions at the WHOREKILL.

The first of these was a condormation to WILLIAM TOM, in consideration of the “good service done and performed by him at Delaware” (an incendent to the surrender of the DUTCH to Sir Robert Carr), to certain land, formerly belongimg to Pieter Alricks, which “now stand confiscated to his majesty.” The patent was dated 3 August 1668.

The second was a conditional grant, dated 12 January 1670, to James Mills to allow him to purchase land here.

The third was a grant to DIRCK PIETERS of land which Abraham Clement, former owner, conveyed to Dirck Pieters, for valuable consideration. This patent ws dated 25 May 1670. This property was transferred to HELMANUS WILTBANCK and remained in that family for five generations.

The fourth and fifth represented simular approval by the English authorities of land transferrs already agreed upon , that the Dutch Governor at South River had granted unto WILLIAM VANDIEMAN a piece of land at “ye WHOREKILL” otherwise SWANENDAEL on Delaware Bay. . This date was June 1 1671.

The sixth and last of these early confirmations is sufficiently important to be quoted in full:
A Confirmation granted unto Hermanus Frederick Wiltbanck for a certain parcel of land at Whorekill.
“Francis Lovelace, Esqr., &c, Wheras Hernamus Frederick Wiltbanck , stands possest of a certayne parcell of land at ye Whorekill on Delaware Bay, part of which he has manured (cultivated) , the said land running into the woods, beginning, Aroskes Kill, stretching South East and North West till it comes behind ye creeke which is by ye common land of ye Whorekill , contayninh by estimacon , about eight hundred acres: Now for a confirmation unto ye said Hermanus Frederick Wiltbanck as also at his request to his two sons, Cornelys and Abraham in their possession and enjoyment of ye premises &c., yielding and paying as a quit rent &c., eight bushels of wheate yearly, dated July 1st 1671.”

This DEED should show the Wiltbanck family was the first Christian settler in the Whorekill neighborhood and that they did not contemplate a move to some other place.

Source: Genealogies of Pebbsylvania Families, Pennsylvania Genealogy, PAFamilies:
Abstract by Harrison Howeth 2017.

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