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Pennsylvania Indians To Greet Nanticke People. Nanticoke, Pennsylvania and the surrounding territory, once a center for the sorcery and black arts of the Red Men when the Nanticoke Indians roamed Wyoming Valley Pennsylvania, will welcome descendants of the Nanticoke Tribe at the Pennsylvania Folk Festival at Lewisburg Pennsylvania, July 30 to 31, announced director George Korson today. The Indians will be greeted by Mayor Stanley Ostroski of Lewisburg, . The Governors George Earle of Pennsylvania and George McMullen of Delaware have been invited to attend.
The appearance of the Nanticokes who live on the Indian River of Sussex County Delaware re sponsored by the Greater Nanticoke Board of Commerce.
This news item from the Danville Morning News, July 31 1937

Five Indians of the Nanticoke Tribe enroute to Lewisburg , Pennsylvania by automobile yesterday morning escaped with slight injuries in an accident at elizabethtown when their car was forced off the highway by a truck going in the opposite direction. In the car were Chief Little Olw, Red fox, Running Bear, White Eagle and Mawett. Only one was slightly hurt but the entire party came on to Lewisburg. They had left the Colony of the Indian River Tribe in Sussex County Delaware on their first tribal trip into Central Pennsylvania since the Nanticoke were driven out by white settlers in 1753.
This news item from the Danville Morning News of Danville, Pa 31 July 1937

A group of Nanticoke Indians came here yesterday to adopt Edward C. Pendergast, secretary to Governor Earl as a member of their tribe. The Indians who live in Sussex County Delaware stopped in Harrisburg on their way to the Pennsylvania folk Festival at Lewisburg. While waiting the members of the group were taken on a tour of the Capital building.
This news item from the Harrisburg Evening News, 30 July 1937.

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