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The second anniversary of the inception of mosquito control work in Delaware by the Civilian

Conservation Corps is to be commemorated Thursday, December 5, 1935 with the erection of a sod

monument along the east side of the Broadkill Beach Road, overlooking the marshes where ditching

was commenced, on December 5 1933.

The monument will take the shape of a concentrically spiraled cone, built with patches of sod

from various parts of Kent and Sussex marshes which were ditched by the four CCC mosquito control

companies with each company member placing a sod piece in position on the commemorative pile.

The total strength of the four companies is to be present, each member to bring a sod piece.

Lewes and slaughter Beach camps with a strength of 412 will bring 824 sods. Magnolia and Leipsic

camps, active a shorter time, will being 394 sods between them.

A sturdy cedar pole is to be erected on the tract of land contributed by Mrs. George Hall as a

permanent location. It is expected that this sod monument will be twelve or more feet in diameter and

at least eight feet high . Each anniversary year it is planned that similar amounts of sods will be added.

There is to be a sign affixed which will dedicate the monument to the CCC workers who made the

mosquito control a success, also a cornerstone copper box of records built into the monument.

The First Engineer Band of Fort duPont will furnish the music for the occasion.

Abstract Wilmington New Journal , December 4 1935:

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